Funeral Of The Sun

by Wizard Rifle

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This is a demo we made for a preview of our upcoming work, it's not the final recorded track by any stretch, the lyrics and song structure are based around the book 'The House On The Borderland' by William Hope Hodgson, enjoy!


I should be gone
Shots shatter the cold Irish air
Can't tell if there's anything there
I don't know if they're dead or alive
The wretched ghosts of a lonely old mind

I've seen them crawling the walls
Pig head on human body
I know they come from Hell
I know this place is Hell
I never should have come here
I should have been long gone

Hide, hide
They came out of the garden last night
I should have been long gone

Hammered to ashes on the anvil of time
Torn and dissolved on an acid tide
Mortar and stone, flesh and bone
Molten pulse in the infinite night

Moment of joy as I'm permitted to see her
At the funeral dance in the final arena
Heaven ejects me in a spiraling dive
Limitless fire, all eating light

Fire, all eating light
Solar death throes
Immortal, I witness

Absorbed and wrapped in red
Like boiling blood in space
Within the glow, a face
Those sightless, pleading eyes
Burn into mine

And through this lens
I'm pulled again
To that house made
Of dreaming jade

Where countless gods
Entombed surround
And mark the years of death's dominion
Without sound


released July 2, 2015
Max Dameron: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Sam Ford: Drums, Vocals


tags: metal New York


all rights reserved


Sissy Witch Brooklyn, New York

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